Ten Things Every Home Needs

Every home is different, always expressing the individuality of every owner or renter. But just like the classic staples that should always be found in the kitchen, every home should have a few basic necessities. These are the essentials, the “key ingredients” that make up the foundation of a good home. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been a homeowner for decades, make sure your home has a version of these items:

1. Good lighting for every room. This typically means three light sources for each room unless the room is very small. This will help you avoid a dimly lit, shadowy home.

2. An “empty surface zone,” a surface in your home that you decide is no longer a home for things… the kitchen island, the coffee table, anywhere that tends to collect clutter.

3. A good, reliable vacuum.

4. One matching set of dishes and “real” napkins.

5. At least one piece of completely unique furniture that you love.

6. A piece of art that you love, whether it’s a $20 print or a $2,000 painting. Hang it so its center is about 57” off the floor.

7. Candles to light during the evenings or at mealtime. There is something calming about lighting candles after a long day, especially at dinner time. Pick out some candles in your favorite scents, such as lavender, to soothe you.

8. Comfortable bedding. Whether that means crisp white cotton sheets and a duvet or soft flannel sheets and a light blanket, your bed should always be made with bedding that will help lure you into sweet slumber.

9. A designated workspace. Whether it’s a full home office, a small desk or a designated corner of the kitchen table, having a place set aside to work or pay bills will allow you to associate the rest of your home with relaxation.

10. Proper fire alarms and a fire extinguisher. This goes without saying, but your home should be as safe as it is beautiful.


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