10 Ways To Add Creativity To Your Home

Whether you rent or own your home, it should be the primary source for expressing your individuality. Your rooms are extensions of your personal style, and it’s important to have decor that reflects who you are. In case you need some help getting started on a more creative home, we’ve gathered 10 great tips for adding a unique touch to your space.

1. Create a gallery wall in your living or family room. Use a mix of expensive art work and affordable prints (we’ve got plenty of art available at Consign Design). Make sure you have at least two larger pieces to anchor the smaller items.

2. Display your collections in original ways. Think floating shelves for books, open shelving for kitchen knick knacks and hanging old photographs or postcards with wire and clothespins. Use shadow boxes to display old concert tickets or keys from every place you’ve ever lived.

3. Use a chalkboard to add creativity to any room. Display an inspirational quote in your entryway or use it for your grocery list in the kitchen.

4. Find one completely unique piece of furniture for every room. Buy a bold-colored couch, create a DIY coffee table, find an old vintage trunk for your master bedroom… just make sure one piece in each room makes an original statement.

5. Stencil a favorite quote on your bedroom or bathroom wall.

6. Display your magazines on coat hangers hung on the bedroom wall.

7. Place bouquets of your favorite flowers on coffee tables and end tables, and change out the arrangements weekly.

8. Repurpose an old dresser by painting it and using it as a buffet table or for storage in a hallway.

9. If you have a bold personality (and permission, if you rent), paint your kitchen walls a bold hue like yellow or cobalt blue.

10. Give your bathroom a spa-like ambiance by displaying soap, lotion and bath salts on a footed cake plate. Set it on your counter and tuck a few washcloths underneath.

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Should You Consign Your Furniture?

Consigning your furniture can be a nice way to earn a little extra money while you part with the pieces you no longer need. But not all furniture will do well in a consignment shop. Before you start cleaning out your home and dragging your used furniture to Consign Design, it’s important to know what sells well and what doesn’t. Read on to help determine what you should consign and what you should leave for Craigslist (or donate to charity).

What sells best:

1. Dining sets. Dining room furniture is something that we don’t replace often—but when we do, we want the best. Complete dining sets in good condition tend to sell very well at furniture consignment stores.

2. Wooden furniture, like dressers, bookshelves and end tables. The better the quality, the faster they sell.

3. Leather furniture. Leather sofas and chairs are classics.

4. Upholstered items. Solid-colored sofas, sectionals and chairs are in demand. Patterned pieces are slightly less popular, but they may sell.

5. Furniture with a designer label. Your lavish designer furniture may take some time to sell since it will be priced higher than other pieces, but when the right eyes find it, you’ll have your sale.

6. Unique items. Handmade furniture and high quality vintage pieces are always in demand. At Consign Design, we feature one-of-a-kind pieces of art made by local artists.

What doesn’t sell well:

1. Antiques. While we do sometimes sell them, they tend not to go as quickly as newer items. Most furniture consignment stores don’t specialize in antiques.

2. Rugs. It can be difficult to get a rug clean enough to sell.

3. Furniture in bad condition. Your items don’t have to be perfect, but if they have enough scratches or wear and tear, they won’t sell.

4. Figurines. Those collectibles would be better off placed on Craigslist.

To guarantee that your items will sell quickly and for top dollar, clean them well before you bring them in. Replace or repair any broken hardware—this will increase the value.

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Our Top 10 Timeless Decorating Tips

Home design trends may constantly come and go, but there are some tried-and-true ideas that seem to have staying power. Classic elements of decor stay classic for a reason—they work! Here are our top 10 favorite decorating tips:

1. A mirror can not only make a room appear larger, it can make or break a room. Hang a large, beautiful mirror in a small room and watch the space come to life.

2. Always pair accent pillows in bright colors with a neutral-hued couch. The pillows will wake up the couch color and prevent decorating boredom.

3. Incorporate a few antiques into even the most modern home. This may mean an old armoire in your contemporary dining room or a clawfoot tub in the bathroom. Elements from the past always accentuate present-day decor.

4. Trust your instincts. No matter what the professionals say, if something doesn’t look right to you, change it!

5. Paint inexpensive furniture white. This will make it look newer and more expensive.

6. Invest in at least one piece of fine art. If you can’t bring yourself to spend hundreds or thousands on a painting, at least frame those cheap prints in high quality frames.

7. Bring in the green! Houseplants will not only liven up your living space, they’ll add fresh oxygen to your rooms.

8. Move seating a few inches away from the walls. Floating furniture creates a more intimate setting and looks more stylish.

9. Hang your artwork higher in places where you stand and lower in rooms where you sit. If you have to strain your neck to see it, you’ve hung it too high.

10. Always decorate with books, but never use paperbacks. Stacks of books look stylish on the coffee table, on open shelves and even as makeshift end tables piled high next to your sofa. But using hardcover is always best. Remove the jackets on the books to show binding color, embossing and texture. Then display away.


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Five Practical Tips For Home Decorating On A Budget

Our homes are our castles, our peaceful retreats, our refuges after a long day of work. And in a perfect world, we’d all have unlimited budgets to renovate and redecorate them anytime we felt like it. Of course, that’s not the reality for most people, who have to plan and budget for home design. The good news is that it’s possible to have a beautiful, well-decorated home without spending as much as you might think. And no furniture assembly or chasing Craigslist finds will be required….we promise.

1. Shop for consigned furniture. This may be stating the obvious, but consigned furniture will help you stretch your budget when it comes to furnishing your home. But here’s a lesser-known tip: if you research furniture brands and check the labels, you can get an even better deal. It’s perfectly fine to shop for looks alone—but if you like the look of a dining room table that just so happens to be made by a designer brand known for its quality and durability, wouldn’t that be an even better buy?

Consign Design offers a wide range of furniture, but we’ve got a large selection of designer brand pieces we offer for half the price (or less!) of new items. Just one example: right now we’ve got several sofas that would retail for well over $10,000 we’re selling for a fraction of the cost. And unlike new furniture stores, every price at Consign Design is up for discussion.

2. Mix lavish splurges with budget items. Tie your expensive curtains up with cheap ribbon. Hang affordable artwork (or your own photographs) in gorgeous designer frames. Knowing when to splurge and when to save is half the battle when it comes to affordable decor.

3. Never underestimate garage sales and estate sales. It will take some time and effort, but you may be surprised by what you find at garage sales. Summer is the ideal season to shop other people’s used goods, so spend a few weekends browsing and see what you can find.

4. Paint. Simply painting a room, or even an accent wall, will make a dramatic difference in the way it looks. Even a casual living room will look elegant with taupe or charcoal gray walls.

5. Save with stock items. Standard blinds trimmed to fit your windows, stock cabinets and off-the-shelf frames and mats will save you a bundle. Buy stock items and customize them yourself.


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Get Ready For Guests

Now that summer is here, people will be traveling more which means you may find yourself expecting guests. Whether you’re anticipating visits from close family members or distant friends, it’s easy to stress over the state of your home instead of enjoying their visit. Rather than spending days redecorating and cleaning, relax—there are only certain things your company will even notice. No one will mind if you haven’t painted the walls in awhile or you forget to dust every light fixture.

Follow this list for getting your home ready and then start planning your summer itinerary with your loved ones.

1. Organize your entryway. Your foyer or entryway is the first thing your guests will notice upon their arrival. It’s also where they’ll be dropping off jackets, shoes and umbrellas or any other gear. Make sure the area is clean and well-organized. If you’ve got the room, our Tropical Salvage Shagrila Bench gives guests a place to sit and take their shoes off (and some space to stash them underneath).

2. Declutter. Even if you don’t have time to deep clean your rooms, you can organize your clutter. Go through piles of papers, sort them, and decide what to toss and what to put away. Recycle old magazines and newspapers. Get a tray or basket for every room to stash odds and ends like remote controls and keys. Decluttering your space makes your home feel more relaxing.

3. Clean the bathroom your guests will use. If you only have time to deep clean one room, clean the guests’ bathroom. Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean they may not want to take relaxing bubble baths. Keep freshly washed towels, toothpaste and other toiletries handy.

4. Replace shabby furniture. There’s no need to refurnish your entire home just because you may be expecting guests. At the same time, the thought of entertaining friends and family might motivate you to replace a piece or two that has seen better days. If your living room needs a decor boost, replace your old couch with an Ethan Allen sofa. Or add some extra seating with a comfortable chair or two.

5. Get your guest room ready. Whether you have a full spare bedroom or a quiet office alcove with a pullout sofa, get the space ready before your guests arrive. You don’t want to be awkwardly changing sheets or scrambling while they stand there with their suitcases.

6. Stock your bar. After greeting your guests and letting them get settled, you’ll want to offer them a drink. Make sure you have the basics covered for a few classic cocktails from the bar, and keep at least one non-alcoholic alternative handy.

7. Add some fresh flowers. There’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make any home look better. Add them to common areas like the living room coffee table and dining room table, and place a fresh bouquet in the guest room.


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How To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Here in Seattle, we wait all year for summertime. While other parts of the country may be overwhelmed by sweltering heat, we enjoy moderate temperatures and perfectly warm, sunny days. This weekend, we’ll welcome the beginning of another great Northwest summer. Make sure your home is as ready for the warmer weather as you are.

1. Since you’ll be opening your windows more, keep a few houseplants in your home to filter the air. Snake plants, spider plants and English ivy are great picks.

2. Clean your screen doors and windows thoroughly to comfortably allow those warm summer breezes inside.

3. Clean out your closets, packing away or donating your winter items to make room for swimsuits, sandals, shorts and tees.

4. Freshen up your guestroom. No matter where you live, summer is a popular time for visitors. Replace any worn out furniture, spruce up the decor and make sure the bed linens are freshly washed.

5. Change the bedding on your own bed, too—that down comforter you enjoyed snuggling under in February won’t be so comfortable in July.

6. Make sure you’re prepared for scorching days by buying any fans or air conditioning units you may need. Check ceiling fans to make sure they’re functioning.

7. If you have the space, plant a garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce grow well in hot weather and will make great accompaniments to your barbecued meals.

8. Prepare your patio or backyard for outdoor entertainment. Get some gas for the grill (or get a new one if need be), make sure the outdoor furniture and common areas are clean, replace any pieces that have seen better days, hang some string lights or incorporate some decor. You’ll be hosting happy hour at your place before you know it.

We hope you have a great summer!


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How To Make A Rental Feel More Like Home

Home ownership is great, but it isn’t always possible. But even if you live in a rental house or apartment, there are plenty of ways to make your place feel like home. You may not be able to do major renovations, but you can always spruce up your living space. Check with your landlord or building manager before taking on any major project. Then get busy personalizing your new home:

1. Paint an accent wall. If you have a 12 month lease, most rentals will allow you to paint as long as you don’t leave any evidence when you move out. Paint can immediately transform a space. Paint your bedroom walls, or paint a single accent wall in the living room. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a deep, rich hue!

2. Add some area rugs. Whether your rooms are carpeted or not, area rugs are great for defining different areas in your home. Rooms that have several layers feel more sophisticated than one-dimensional rooms. Try adding one to your living room underneath the coffee table. If you have a place for a dining room table, placing an area rug underneath can help separate the space.

3. Try self-adhesive wallpaper. There are so many brands of temporary wallpaper now that peels off easily, you’ll have your pick of color and design. Try wallpapering your bathroom or your front hallway.

4. Add some new accent furniture. A quirky chair or a set of vintage end tables to enhance your couch will do wonders for your living room. Adding an ottoman to your bedroom will add instant sophistication. Accent furniture is great for rentals because it’s easy to move in and out.

5. Invest in quality curtains. Fabric curtains will add instant luxury to your rooms. And blackout drapes will provide you with sweet slumber in any season. Just because your rental provided blinds doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them! And while you’re at it, go through each room and replace any light bulbs that seem too bright or too dim with more appropriate options. You might be renting your place, but you deserve to be comfortable.

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How To Lighten Up A Windowless Room

Does your home have a small den, office, basement or spare bedroom without windows? Despite what it may look like, this space is not destined for darkness. There are plenty of ways to lighten up a windowless room.

First, take a look at the lighting. Often the lighting in a windowless room isn’t good enough, so you’ll have to add some extra options. Use ambient lighting such as wall panel lighting, floor lamps and table lamps. This will keep the room from looking like a cave. Accentuate with mirrors to boost the lighting even further and make the room look larger. Hang a single big mirror or several small mirrors on the walls, or place a full-length mirror opposite the doorway.

Next, consider the furniture. Dark, drab furniture has no place in a windowless room. Eclectic pieces that will stand out or lighter furniture will be your best bet. Create a focal point, like a bold piece of furniture, to draw attention away from the fact that there is no window.

If you can’t have a real window, try creating a fake one. Use wooden frames, place a scenic photo or print inside, and hang window treatments around it. Install daylight bulbs inside for an authentic look.

You can also paint an accent wall a bright hue to liven up the dark room. If that isn’t an option, create a gallery wall of colorful art to bring some vibrancy into the room. Last but not least, add a few houseplants to the room. Not only will they add visual appeal, they’ll enhance the oxygen quality of the room and keep things fresh.


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Five Fast, Simple and Affordable Home Improvement Projects

There’s nothing quite like redecorating the home. Adding some new furniture, rearranging the layout and sprucing up the decor can make our old spaces feel new again. And while major renovations can be time-consuming and expensive, the truth is, you can easily redecorate your rooms without spending a lot of time, effort or money. Each of these five home decor projects take an hour or less to complete.

1. Upgrade your living room or bedroom curtains. Believe it or not, a sewing machine is not required for this DIY upgrade. You just need an iron, your fabric of choice and some fusible tape. “Hem” the sides of each panel of fabric, folding them over and sealing them with the tape. Make an opening at the top for the curtain rods by looping the fabric over. Iron the seams before you hang your new curtains.

2. Turn an old ladder into a decoration. This works in any room. In your living room, add some blankets or use it to display photo frames. In the bathroom, use it to store extra towels. A ladder can also be used as a drying rack in the laundry room.

3. Line your bookshelves. Bookcases are a necessity in any home since they’re so versatile….and if your living space is lacking this stylish storage option, we’ve always got plenty to choose from. Convert your bookcase into a work of art by lining the shelves and backs with beautiful colored paper.

4. Add new accent furniture to your rooms. You’d be surprised at how big of a difference a new coffee table or armoire makes. If you’ve always stuck to matching sets of furniture, mix it up with a few accent pieces from different designers.

5. Create a monochromatic gallery wall. The hanging part of this project might take more than an hour, but the idea is easy. Gather some antique mirrors and diverse photo frames, then coat the edges in spray paint of the same color. Then display them on a large wall—you’ll love the way it looks.

What simple home improvement projects are you most proud of? We love hearing your ideas!



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Antiques Roadshow, Consign Design-Style

You’ll find it all at Consign Design, from old vintage pieces to the sleek, modern edges of contemporary furniture. We’ve recently acquired some beautiful antique pieces from some of our top consignors, turning our store into an “Antiques Roadshow.” Antique furniture is durable, unique and often very valuable. Here are just a few of our recent antique additions:

This antique armoire will add a vintage vibe to any dining room. Mirrored doors will make the room look larger, while the hand-carved wood adds beautiful detailing. This armoire’s dimensions are 49”W x 20”D x 86”H.

For the true collectors who consider their home to be a showcase, this piece is a must-have. This is an antique oak cane case from 1900 and was originally used in a general store to hold canes, walking sticks and umbrellas. This case is in great shape and is very reasonably priced at $1500. Its dimensions are 36”W x 19”D x 47”H

A perfect gift for an expectant parent or anyone who enjoys the charm of vintage furniture, this vintage platform spindle-back rocker is expertly crafted and delicately detailed. The soft floral cushion provides a comfortable seat. Its dimensions are 28”W x 31”D x 45”H

For a complete list of our current “Antiques Roadshow” collection, click here. Stop by our store between 11 AM and 6 PM to see them in person (12 PM-6 PM on Sundays), or give us a call at (206) 345-0009 if you have any questions. Remember, our prices are always up for discussion.


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