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The Brains Behind Bonnevie Sculpture

Karlito Bonnevie just sounds like an artist’s name, doesn’t it? Karlito is the creator of Bonnevie Sculpture and responsible for some of the intricate, geometric tables you’ll find scattered throughout Consign Design.

Karlito was born in Puerto Rico, which he attributes to his disdain for the Puget Sound winters. He’s lived in Seattle since he was two, however, and says that the summers here almost make up for the abysmal winters. When he’s not working at Microsoft or sculpting, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter.

Although he’s only officially been designing and sculpting for three years, Karlito’s passion developed during his days at Ballard High School. Karlito was able to take classes through Seattle Central Community College while still in high school, so he spent his school day afternoons welding. He took a quarter of MIG welding at a community college along with some math, which led to physics and programming. He eventually earned a degree from Evergreen State College and has worked at Microsoft for eight years.

But it was his daughter that help turn his passion for welding and math into an art form. “When my daughter was old enough to draw and play with crayons, I’d sit down with her and draw along,” Karlito said. “I started playing with circles which led to a table design (this one). I then decided I actually wanted to build it, so I bought a little 110V welder (which led to various other welding machines and tools), and the rest is history.”

“The rest” has included a variety of different tables and other sculptures for the modern home. Some are intentionally mathematical, some unintentionally become mathematical and some are designed to have nothing to do with math. All of them are intricate, unique and eye-catching, and most of Karlito’s unsold pieces are currently available at Consign Design.

His favorite piece to date is the Elliptic Torus, which is held together with nothing but itself—no fasteners, no welds.

“What’s more, it technically can’t exist,” he said. “It only fits perfectly together if it’s fully assembled and it can’t be assembled unless it’s already together. Let’s just say that many large hammers and my super-strong next door neighbor had a lot to do with actually assembling this piece.”


Bonnevie Sculpture is currently a part-time project. But as the sculptures continue to gain popularity with local art lovers, it’s only a matter of time before we’re saying “we knew him when.”


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