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Come Inside and Tour Our Store Via Our New Virtual Tour!

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Come Take A Peek Inside Our Store!

Have you driven by our store and wondered what the inside looks like? Check us out! Our inventory changes DAILY with things coming and going every day so why not come in and find some treasures for your home!


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50% off of all furniture and accessories in the store for 60+ days!

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Exciting News! We have a new location!

Consign Design has really exciting news: we are opening a second location in Southcenter for our south end customers! Grand opening will be March 2nd, 2015. Print out this coupon good towards your first purchase! Please come help us celebrate our new store opening on March 2nd!


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SitSquare- a new, easy, and convenient way to guy gently used furniture!

Check out this fabulous new website where you can buy and sell your gently used or high-end furniture safely and securely. And even have it delivered with a few days! We even list some of our furniture on there as we love this concept.

Check them out here:

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Refresh your dining room for the Holidays!

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The Brains Behind Bonnevie Sculpture

Karlito Bonnevie just sounds like an artist’s name, doesn’t it? Karlito is the creator of Bonnevie Sculpture and responsible for some of the intricate, geometric tables you’ll find scattered throughout Consign Design.

Karlito was born in Puerto Rico, which he attributes to his disdain for the Puget Sound winters. He’s lived in Seattle since he was two, however, and says that the summers here almost make up for the abysmal winters. When he’s not working at Microsoft or sculpting, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter.

Although he’s only officially been designing and sculpting for three years, Karlito’s passion developed during his days at Ballard High School. Karlito was able to take classes through Seattle Central Community College while still in high school, so he spent his school day afternoons welding. He took a quarter of MIG welding at a community college along with some math, which led to physics and programming. He eventually earned a degree from Evergreen State College and has worked at Microsoft for eight years.

But it was his daughter that help turn his passion for welding and math into an art form. “When my daughter was old enough to draw and play with crayons, I’d sit down with her and draw along,” Karlito said. “I started playing with circles which led to a table design (this one). I then decided I actually wanted to build it, so I bought a little 110V welder (which led to various other welding machines and tools), and the rest is history.”

“The rest” has included a variety of different tables and other sculptures for the modern home. Some are intentionally mathematical, some unintentionally become mathematical and some are designed to have nothing to do with math. All of them are intricate, unique and eye-catching, and most of Karlito’s unsold pieces are currently available at Consign Design.

His favorite piece to date is the Elliptic Torus, which is held together with nothing but itself—no fasteners, no welds.

“What’s more, it technically can’t exist,” he said. “It only fits perfectly together if it’s fully assembled and it can’t be assembled unless it’s already together. Let’s just say that many large hammers and my super-strong next door neighbor had a lot to do with actually assembling this piece.”


Bonnevie Sculpture is currently a part-time project. But as the sculptures continue to gain popularity with local art lovers, it’s only a matter of time before we’re saying “we knew him when.”


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Furniture for the Modern Home

When people think of furniture consignment shops, they usually think of vintage and antique pieces. And while we’ve certainly got plenty of great vintage finds at Consign Design, we’re also got a large selection of new, modern furniture. If you’ve got a contemporary home or you’re designing a room with a modern look, these are just a few of our new arrivals that might be a good fit:

The Gray Sofa. Modern and sophisticated, this curved-back sofa maintains comfort while delivering a modern look. It comes with bright accent pillows, making decorating a breeze. If you’ve got the space, it also comes with a matching chair.
The Edra Flap Sofa. This stunning white leather sofa is a functional work of art. The pieces come apart and the top flaps can lay flat, making it as versatile as it is stylish. This beauty retails for $17,000, but this one can be your for $7,000. The Edra Flap Sofa belongs in a modern home.
The Large Contemporary Metal Frame Mirror. Decorating with a mirror will make your room look large and add depth. The metal frame on this floor-length mirror adds a modern touch.
This pumpkin-colored rug. Made from 100% wool and featuring a subtle swirl pattern, this soft orange rug is 5’ X 8’ and will liven up any area.
The Mod Art Glass Chandelier. Featuring poseable arms and an array of soft colored bulbs, this chandelier looks more like a sculpture than a source of light.

As always, every price at Consign Design is up for discussion. If one of these modern pieces strikes your fancy, call us at 206-345-0009 or email for more details.

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Top Design Trends of 2014

As we say goodbye to 2013 and celebrate the beginning of a new year, our thoughts turn toward making New Year’s resolutions. While many of those resolutions will be about health, fitness and career, you may get the urge to redecorate a room or give your home a makeover as well. To help you with any “interior decorating” resolutions you may have, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top predicted design trends for 2014. Use this list as inspiration to create the home of your dreams this year.

  • Interchangeable home decor is becoming more popular. Rather than choosing a theme for a room, more people are picking out versatile, neutral furniture and accessorizing with interchangeable pieces. This will allow you to redecorate regularly without spending a lot of time or money.
  • Vintage finds. The vintage trend is hardly new, but in an era of furniture chains and mass produced items, there’s a new appreciation for uniqueness. We’ve got plenty of new and almost new pieces at Consign Design, but we also have plenty of vintage pieces to choose from.
  • More luxury and glamour. The home is where the heart is, and for many people, that means being surrounded by sophistication. This year, resolve to make one room of your home more glamorous. The dining room is a great place to start: paint the room’s walls a dark gray and invest in some new dining room furniture. Every meal will feel like a dinner party.
  • Mixing metals. Gold and silver look great together. Instead of keeping them separated, mix it up and decorate with both.
  • Blue hues. Known for its calming, soothing properties, blue is already big in the world of Feng Shui. In 2014, shades of blue will be seen in lots of professionally decorated rooms. Try adding some blue to your bedroom and see if you notice a difference.

We wish you a happy, healthy and well-decorated 2014!

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