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How To Lighten Up A Windowless Room

Does your home have a small den, office, basement or spare bedroom without windows? Despite what it may look like, this space is not destined for darkness. There are plenty of ways to lighten up a windowless room.

First, take a look at the lighting. Often the lighting in a windowless room isn’t good enough, so you’ll have to add some extra options. Use ambient lighting such as wall panel lighting, floor lamps and table lamps. This will keep the room from looking like a cave. Accentuate with mirrors to boost the lighting even further and make the room look larger. Hang a single big mirror or several small mirrors on the walls, or place a full-length mirror opposite the doorway.

Next, consider the furniture. Dark, drab furniture has no place in a windowless room. Eclectic pieces that will stand out or lighter furniture will be your best bet. Create a focal point, like a bold piece of furniture, to draw attention away from the fact that there is no window.

If you can’t have a real window, try creating a fake one. Use wooden frames, place a scenic photo or print inside, and hang window treatments around it. Install daylight bulbs inside for an authentic look.

You can also paint an accent wall a bright hue to liven up the dark room. If that isn’t an option, create a gallery wall of colorful art to bring some vibrancy into the room. Last but not least, add a few houseplants to the room. Not only will they add visual appeal, they’ll enhance the oxygen quality of the room and keep things fresh.


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Five Fast, Simple and Affordable Home Improvement Projects

There’s nothing quite like redecorating the home. Adding some new furniture, rearranging the layout and sprucing up the decor can make our old spaces feel new again. And while major renovations can be time-consuming and expensive, the truth is, you can easily redecorate your rooms without spending a lot of time, effort or money. Each of these five home decor projects take an hour or less to complete.

1. Upgrade your living room or bedroom curtains. Believe it or not, a sewing machine is not required for this DIY upgrade. You just need an iron, your fabric of choice and some fusible tape. “Hem” the sides of each panel of fabric, folding them over and sealing them with the tape. Make an opening at the top for the curtain rods by looping the fabric over. Iron the seams before you hang your new curtains.

2. Turn an old ladder into a decoration. This works in any room. In your living room, add some blankets or use it to display photo frames. In the bathroom, use it to store extra towels. A ladder can also be used as a drying rack in the laundry room.

3. Line your bookshelves. Bookcases are a necessity in any home since they’re so versatile….and if your living space is lacking this stylish storage option, we’ve always got plenty to choose from. Convert your bookcase into a work of art by lining the shelves and backs with beautiful colored paper.

4. Add new accent furniture to your rooms. You’d be surprised at how big of a difference a new coffee table or armoire makes. If you’ve always stuck to matching sets of furniture, mix it up with a few accent pieces from different designers.

5. Create a monochromatic gallery wall. The hanging part of this project might take more than an hour, but the idea is easy. Gather some antique mirrors and diverse photo frames, then coat the edges in spray paint of the same color. Then display them on a large wall—you’ll love the way it looks.

What simple home improvement projects are you most proud of? We love hearing your ideas!



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Antiques Roadshow, Consign Design-Style

You’ll find it all at Consign Design, from old vintage pieces to the sleek, modern edges of contemporary furniture. We’ve recently acquired some beautiful antique pieces from some of our top consignors, turning our store into an “Antiques Roadshow.” Antique furniture is durable, unique and often very valuable. Here are just a few of our recent antique additions:

This antique armoire will add a vintage vibe to any dining room. Mirrored doors will make the room look larger, while the hand-carved wood adds beautiful detailing. This armoire’s dimensions are 49”W x 20”D x 86”H.

For the true collectors who consider their home to be a showcase, this piece is a must-have. This is an antique oak cane case from 1900 and was originally used in a general store to hold canes, walking sticks and umbrellas. This case is in great shape and is very reasonably priced at $1500. Its dimensions are 36”W x 19”D x 47”H

A perfect gift for an expectant parent or anyone who enjoys the charm of vintage furniture, this vintage platform spindle-back rocker is expertly crafted and delicately detailed. The soft floral cushion provides a comfortable seat. Its dimensions are 28”W x 31”D x 45”H

For a complete list of our current “Antiques Roadshow” collection, click here. Stop by our store between 11 AM and 6 PM to see them in person (12 PM-6 PM on Sundays), or give us a call at (206) 345-0009 if you have any questions. Remember, our prices are always up for discussion.


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Lighten Up With A White Room

Recent interior design trends have included lots of bold colors and bright accent walls. But if you want a clean, crisp, classic look, there’s nothing quite like an all-white room. Some people are drawn to the peaceful atmosphere a white room creates, while others see it as the ultimate depiction of chic. This hue works in any home, any room and with any style. Here are five tips for pulling it off:

1. First, choose your whites. If you want a crisp, modern look, choose bright, cool whites. Accessorize with plenty of mirrors and metallics. For a soft, romantic look, go for creamy, soft whites and decorate with lace, porcelain and marble.

2. Next, choose your furniture. If you desire a modern room, pick out pieces with simple lines and smooth surfaces, like our two-cushion couch. For a softer, more laid back look, pick out some pieces of vintage furniture. And remember, not every piece of furniture has to be white—the majority of them should be, but a soft off-white sofa can always be paired with an oak coffee table.

3. Pay attention to texture. A monochromatic white room makes texture important. Wood, stone and fibers like wool and linen look especially rich in a white setting. Glass, mirrors and metallics provide a chic contrast. Make sure your textures complement each other—while some variety is good, you don’t want the room to look mismatched.

4. Keep in mind what whatever you put in the room, from decorative accessories to artwork, is going to stand out against the white background. Pick out some striking pieces that have personal meaning to you, such as your favorite artistic prints or souvenirs you’ve picked up while traveling.

5. Be prepared to work to keep your white room clean. White areas show dirt quickly and will spotlight your clutter. You’ll need to wash your furnishings regularly and vacuum and dust religiously. But the chic, stylish room you’ll have will make it all worth it.

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