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Three Great DIY Furniture Projects

At Consign Design, we sell plenty of high end, gently used pieces of furniture that are perfect as-is. However, we also recognize that some of our customers prefer to upcycle furniture with creative DIY projects. Getting creative with your furniture will help you add unique flair to your home, and it can be a lot of fun. Here are three suggestions for upcycling used furniture:

1. Turn an armoire or an old entertainment center into a kitchen pantry. This is a perfect project for anyone with a good-sized kitchen who lacks proper storage space.

First, clean all surfaces since you will store food there. Install shelves as needed—wire shelves from home improvement stores are customizable and easy to install. Cover the inside of the cabinet doors. Paint one side with chalkboard paint (or attach a chalkboard) where you can write your grocery list, and hang cork squares with double-sided tape on the other for pinning notes.

Using attracting storage items will ensure you new pantry is as attractive as it is functional. Use glass jars for flours and sugars and baskets for cereal and lunch snacks.

2. Believe it or not, the right dresser, coffee table or cart can be converted into a kitchen island. Remove any wheels the piece has, paint it to match your cabinets, install a countertop using Liquid Nails adhesive and let it dry overnight.

3. Bookworms who are short on storage will love this option: you can use a bookcase as your headboard. Simply select a wide, tall set of shelves and remove the bottom shelves—or, you can simply push your bed up against a bookcase that measures as wide as your bed. Just don’t store anything too heavy on the shelves!

If you’re considering a DIY project involving upcycled furniture, come browse our selection at Consign Design. We’re open seven days a week as we know creativity can strike at any time.

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Ten Creative Organizing Ideas

Hopefully by now you’ve tackled the major spring cleaning tasks your home needed—and if not, don’t worry, we’ve still got two months until summer. Once the dust bunnies have been cleared from the corners and the patio furniture is ready for those backyard parties, our focus turns to organizing the clutter we’ve collected.

Having a well organized home not only looks nice, it feels nice—your home should be a peaceful retreat, and it’s hard to relax with endless stuff sitting everywhere you look. But paperwork piles up easily and sometimes we need to get creative with our storage needs, especially if we live in small spaces. Here are ten creative organizing ideas for every room of your home:

1. Use tables with skirts or curtains to help hide clutter. You may have space under your counters and tables you’re not properly utilizing. Add a skirt or some curtains for some creative concealment.

2. Old dressers and chests make great storage options for any room. Sometimes all they need are a coat of paint and a little creativity to fit in with your decor. Use one in your family room to store blankets, board games and movies, or set one inside a closet for extra storage options.

3. Designate a spot in your foyer for keys, wallets, sunglasses and guests’ shoes. This can be something as simple as a small table with designated baskets on top and shoe space underneath. Hang a mirror above the table for last-minute checks on your way out the door.

4. For bills, bookkeeping and correspondence, get a desk. Having one place to store all things accounting related will keep your other countertops from turning into a cluttered mess. If you have children, this means they’ll always have a place to do homework.

5. Keep living room clutter at bay by buying an ottoman that can be used as extra storage.

6. If you’re short on bathroom storage, hang a small shelf above the sink or surround the vanity with fabric and stash things underneath.

7. Get a whiteboard and use it as the family message area. Hang it in the kitchen, home office or anywhere that you know everyone will see it. This will prevent handwritten notes from cluttering up your counters.

8. Hang cooking utensils and potholders in your kitchen to clear up counter space.

9. Get some beautiful decorative boxes and use them to store old bills, receipts or other important documents. Set the boxes on open shelves so you’ll have easy access to them.

10. Install a tension rod under your kitchen or bathroom sink and use it as a hanging rod for spray bottles. This will free up cabinet space for other items, and you’ll always know where your cleaning supplies are.


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Three Ways To Combine Rooms and Maximize Your Space

If your dream home is more of a compact condo than a mansion—or if you reside in one of Seattle’s many small homes—getting the most out of your living space can be a challenge. Combining the functions of your rooms will not only maximize your space, it will free up other areas to use as you please. Here are three ideas for room combinations that work well:

1. The bedroom and the living room.

Ah, the studio apartment—typical for single dwellers and young couples, this tiny space can be tough to design. But even if you live in a studio (or a basement), you can get the look of a separate living room and bedroom as long as you visually separate the space. False walls, curtains and tall bookshelves are easy options for this. Arrange your living room furniture into one compact conversation area and section off your bed and dressers with your furniture or false walls. Add an area rug to the “living room” to further divide the spaces.

Of course, you can also enjoy the look of one open area. The trick is to make sure your bed is properly styled. Pick out bedding the complements the decor of your living area. Keep your bed made and pile on the decorative pillows.

2. The living room and the home office.

If you need to set up a home office but don’t have a spare bedroom, the living room is the most obvious choice. You can choose to separate the spaces, tucking your desk into a corner and lining the walls around it with shelving and other storage. Or you can choose to make the office part of your living room, working the desk into your decor. Whatever you decide, make sure to schedule plenty of personal time if you work from home—it will be necessary since you never actually leave the office!

3. The guest room and the home office.

One easy room combination: the home office and your spare bedroom. The trick to pulling it off is investing in a Murphy bed, a pullout sofa or a futon. That way your guests will have a designated space while they’re staying with you—but when they leave, you can fold it up and get back to business. If you have a traditional bed, you can separate the sleeping area from your work area with a tall set of shelves.

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