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Furniture for the Modern Home

When people think of furniture consignment shops, they usually think of vintage and antique pieces. And while we’ve certainly got plenty of great vintage finds at Consign Design, we’re also got a large selection of new, modern furniture. If you’ve got a contemporary home or you’re designing a room with a modern look, these are just a few of our new arrivals that might be a good fit:

The Gray Sofa. Modern and sophisticated, this curved-back sofa maintains comfort while delivering a modern look. It comes with bright accent pillows, making decorating a breeze. If you’ve got the space, it also comes with a matching chair.
The Edra Flap Sofa. This stunning white leather sofa is a functional work of art. The pieces come apart and the top flaps can lay flat, making it as versatile as it is stylish. This beauty retails for $17,000, but this one can be your for $7,000. The Edra Flap Sofa belongs in a modern home.
The Large Contemporary Metal Frame Mirror. Decorating with a mirror will make your room look large and add depth. The metal frame on this floor-length mirror adds a modern touch.
This pumpkin-colored rug. Made from 100% wool and featuring a subtle swirl pattern, this soft orange rug is 5’ X 8’ and will liven up any area.
The Mod Art Glass Chandelier. Featuring poseable arms and an array of soft colored bulbs, this chandelier looks more like a sculpture than a source of light.

As always, every price at Consign Design is up for discussion. If one of these modern pieces strikes your fancy, call us at 206-345-0009 or email for more details.

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How To Create A Cozy Living Room

As the temperatures drop all around us and we enter the middle of winter, the urge to cozy up inside becomes stronger. But if your living room comes off as a little cold, it could be the last place you want to be on a frigid night. Furniture that is too spaced out, a structurally modern design theme or poor insulation can all lead to a room feeling “cold.”

To warm up your cold living room, start by adding some warm colors. Some warm hues include yellow, gold, beige, deep red, olive green and coral. Adding some throw pillows or an area rug in warm colors and hang a peaceful print on the wall. Next, utilize your candles. Instead of keeping just one or two candles in the room and using them for decoration, group a set of them together and use them daily. Candles emit a warm, soft glow that is both inviting and relaxing.

Take a look at your living room furniture. Is it warm and inviting? If not, perhaps some upgrades are in order. If you can’t spring for a new sofa, we’ve got plenty of soft, comfortable chairs that will add style along with seating. If your couch isn’t all that comfortable, though, stop by Consign Design and see what we have available. Our high end designer sofas are surprisingly affordable. This cream leather sofa is perfect for adding warmth to your living space.

In addition to being comfortable and warm, your furniture should be arranged to create conversation. Group chairs, recliners and couches so that they are either facing each other or the room’s focal point. Usually the focal point will either be the television or the fireplace. If you spread your furniture out too far apart, especially in a large room, this will take away from the warm atmosphere. Creating warmth isn’t just about decorating—it’s a feeling you want your guests to get when they visit your home.

Finally, to really create warmth in the living room, play up your senses. If you have hardwood floors, get some soft area rugs. Add a cozy throw to the back of your couch. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider buying a freestanding fireplace to give the room a cozy focal point and the warmth of an electrical heater. The best part about a stand alone fireplace is that you can move it along with the furniture whenever you want to give the room a whole new look.

With these tips, you’ll have a living room you’ll love coming home to after a long, dreary day out in the cold.

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